Supported hardware

Zephyr open-source version 2.7 beta includes drivers for the instruments listed below. Some of this hardware is available for sale. To check price and availability, please contact us.

AeroQual SM50 Ammonia Sensor
Agilent 24401A Multimeter
Agilent 33220A Arbitrary Waveform Generator
Cardiopulmonary Technologies CO2 Waveform Analyzer
Eco Physics CLD 60 NOx Analyzer
ICS Electronics 4803 Parallel Digital Interface
ICS Electronics 4803 Relay Controller
Jova Solutions TIMS 0201 Stepper Motor Controller
Keithley 2400 SourceMeter
Keithley 2600 SourceMeter System 
Keithley 707, 707A, 708, 708A Switching Matrix
Measurement Computing CB-7050 Digital I/O Controller
Nanomix Breath Simulator
Nanomix Gas Delivery System
Nanomix SensiMon Temperature and Humidity Sensor
Omega CN616 Heater Controller
Omega CNi16 Temperature and Process Controller
PID Analyzers Model 113 Oxygen Sensor
Respironics/Novametrix CapnoGard CO2 monitor
RKC MA901 Heater Controller
Sensirion EM1 Mass Flow Meter
Sierra Instruments Model C100L Mass Flow Controller
Sievers NOA 280i Nitric Oxide Analyzer
Teledyne 200E NOx Analyzer
Teledyne 400E O3 Analyzer
Teledyne 401E O3 Calibrator and Analyzer
Thermalogic MasterSeries Multichannel Temperature Controller
TSI 4000 Flow Meter
Vaisala HMT 330 Humidity and Temperature Sensor

Adapters, virtual instruments

Voltage output
4-20 mA current loop
I-Vg meter based on Keithley 2602 SourceMeter System
Data file parser for the Nicolet FTIR gas analyzer
National Weather Service web service client